Online Profit Masters Scam Research

This research is mostly pulled from my two main warnings:

The first link has 81 comments, including some incredibly helpful comments by a man named clark. The second link goes into additional details about the Online Profit Masters Scam.

Select comment from the first link above:
"Glad I read this.. Almost thought about doing it myself. I have a pretty good job but still wanted to make some extra money. Thank you Lord for this Blog, because I definitely do not have the money to give away like that. When I seen where you had to create your own website, that was a red flag for me. Me being a programmer, I know that costs money. Good job yall, this is the only site I found as far as it being a scam."

"That $97 or $37 busks is just a feeder bait. It certainly isn’t their focus and just a qualifier that you have a useable credit card. It would probably go to free as long as they can approve a credit card. It’s just a first step of weeding out those bad credit and identifying those who are desperate. These guys are some sure enough snake oil salesmen. Glad you avoided them!"

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