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You've problem seen many reviews of Online Profit Masters and have wondered why so many of the Online Profit Masters Pat Joyner reviews are so positive. You may have also seen so-called "news sites" promoting this program. I've provided my own reviews of red flags (warnings) about the program at the three links below. I've also posted the most common question about review sites on this page.
LINK 1 Online Profit Masters Review Of Red Flags
LINK 2 Online Profit Masters Scam
LINK 3 Does Online Profit Masters Really Work?

Question 1: If this Patty Joyner site is a scam and not legit, then why are there so many Online Profit Masters review sites saying that it's legitimate and such a great program?
Answer 1: The review sits that you are seeing are affiliate sites that paint a very rosy picture of the system. While there's nothing wrong with affiliate reviews, that are disclosed, not only are most of those Online Profit Masters reviews not disclosing their material connection with the Online Profit Masters System, but they simply cut and paste information off of the site itself.

Question 2: How can I do my own due diligence to do my own reviews of sites like Online Profit Masters.
Answer 2: There's no clear cut answer to that, but I have posted several things you can watch out for at this home business scams red flag priority check list. You can also check similar information at the FTC's called Starting An Internet Business - Dream Job Or Pipe Dream

You can also use forum search engines such as:

You can also use my Search4Scams search engine.

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